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Cath Brown

Position: Senior Consultant and Executive Coach

Catherine Brown practised as a barrister for over 14 years at Kings Chambers in Manchester.  She was appointed to the Attorney General’s Panel of Counsel and was then able to represent the Crown alongside other prestigious clients in tribunals, civil trials and inquests.

As counsel, Catherine gained experience in leading teams of solicitors and experts, advising on both strategy and law and then negotiating settlements or representing her clients at contested hearings.  This background provides her with a fresh approach to leadership and a forensic ability to delve beneath the surface in both coaching and training.

Since leaving the bar in 2014, she has qualified as a coach with an EMCC-accredited diploma, created her own company, become a Board Member of a charitable company and become a Lay Member on Regulatory Tribunals.

She has worked globally and online for over 7 years as both coach and facilitator with a particular focus on leadership, collaboration and communication as well as demystifying the legal world for those working outside that system.

Her coaching philosophy is informed by her belief in the power and responsibility of the individual to bring about change in their professional and personal lives.

Against that background, she employs a collaborative and conversational style which allows her clients to stop and think and gives them the time and space in which they can express themselves, explore new ideas and develop their own solutions.