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Tom Pike

Position: Executive Coach

Tom has an excellent blend of experience with 18 years in the British Army’s Gurkhas and the last 7 years in KPMG, a professional services firm.

As an executive coach Tom gives leaders time and space to think about their business and personal challenges.   He creates a confidential environment where people feel comfortable to be honest with themselves about their situation, their own views, their frustrations, values and beliefs.

Most of the Tom’s coaching focuses on developing self-awareness, or ‘the shape of me as a leader’ so people have a better understanding of who they are, why they are and how that impacts their business and professional world including their teams. Exploring how beliefs can influence, consciously and unconsciously how we lead, behave and think is one of the most powerful ways of achieving enduring change as a leader and an organisation.

Best summarised by one of his clients “I was amazed at what we were able to uncover about my leadership style.”