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Individual Excellence

We focus on developing the individual by delivering tailored workshops for any level of the organisation.

Who are we

With over 180+ years of leadership experience, from the Military to the corporate world, we know exactly what it takes to get the very best out of every individual. Our unique leadership message, from the battlefield to the boardroom, is proven – even in the most hostile environments.

What our clients say

“The way CCL made the whole room of people feel immediately ‘at ease’ was amazing to see, a real ‘people’ talent” – NatWest Group

“It was one of the best ways I have spent 90 minutes in the last few months” – KPMG.

What we have done

Designed and collaborated to create in partnership with our client the 12 month “Lead First” programme where 100+ first time leaders transition through a staged approach to develop their leadership ability.

Created a 5-day Performance Management programme where multinational attendees get to understand exactly what it takes to manage performance within the workplace.

Created a Government Leadership Academy programme where 1000+ attendees transition through in order for a mindset and generation change.

Some of our clients

What you get

A programme which is not a one stop shop! You get focussed leadership excellence where we highlight the “Character – Competence – Commitment” required to LEAD!

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Now more than ever, companies must provide outstanding services and demonstrable excellence in everything they do.
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Contact us for a consultation – we would be happy to help you discover how your employee performance and well-being can transition from good to excellent with Coaching Centred Leadership.

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