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Motion over Lotion

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Motion over Lotion

As a new leader, what would be the first thing you would want to understand?


There are many important questions a new leader wants to find an answer to:


  • What is my leadership style?
  • What are the leadership styles?
  • How do I adjust?
  • Do I have to do everything?
  • Am I good enough?
  • What if the team go against me?
  • How do I bring them all together?
  • How to I connect at distance?


The list can go on.

My initial observation around Motion over Lotion is around “Consistency over Quick Fix”. And, when it comes to first level leadership, consistency will shape your leadership journey.


We were asked by 2 separate clients to deliver a 5-day Performance Management course and a “Lead First” programme over 9 months.
The emphasis for both have similar outputs: how to lead.
You may agree, this is such a broad topic and there are many moving parts involved.


We focused on the CCL 3C’s:

Character – Competence – Commitment


First, we need to understand:

  • What kind of character does it require to lead?
  • What is your character and how do you adjust, if required, in any situation?


We then focus on the Competence required to lead your people:

  • How do you deliver feedback?
  • How do you build team resilience?
  • How do you Influence or make effective decisions?


Finally the Commitment. Our programmes are not for attendance. They are designed with a journey in mind, therefore what consistent “motion” do first time leaders have to commit to? First time leaders should not be expected to just “wear the rank” and deliver. They need to understand themselves, others and the purpose for what they are trying to achieve.

I encourage everyone to understand the “Why”. If you do that, you can deal with any “What”.


You will read this and although short in words, it will hopefully be true to its message.

Get the leadership message right at the bottom and you will build an organisation for life.