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Standby! Standby! Move Now!

CCLBlog Individual Excellence Standby! Standby! Move Now!

Standby! Standby! Move Now!

This is something that every Military personnel will be accustomed to, whether in training or on Operations.



But what does it mean? How can we break it down and what can be learnt for all in business?

Let me start with the “Standby! Standby!”: it’s the warning!


In the ideal world, you will have either received or delivered as much clarity as possible for the task ahead. However, in order to fulfil the task with 100% commitment there are always “stuff” to establish and sort out first, or even drive your thoughts.


Let me ask you: if you were tasked to deliver a presentation, what would you do in order to be ready for the best delivery of your life?

Some people, not all, will hope for the best.

Some will start to ponder about who will be in the room, while some will embrace and see it as an opportunity.


In another example, imagine you have been tasked with the implementation of a new project and it will be the start of the new norm for the organisation. You will do whatever it takes, so when you are told “Move now!” you have the character, competencies and commitment in your team to deliver.

As first-time leaders, the thought of a first task issued can be very daunting.


Where do you start?

You may have all the competencies, that’s why you’ve been promoted – and you’re awesome at what you do, right?

Now try and lead a team to get the job done instead of only focussing on your area of specialism: this requires many leadership skills to deliver on time. You are very much in the “Standby Standby” space: this is the most important element of getting a job done!


While leading you may face many opportunities to learn: how do you grow your level of competence?

How do you have those difficult conversations – because they will happen – and how do you adjust your leadership style to cater for all the difference personality types and cultural differences?


Firstly, as a leader, get to know yourself. How do you do this maybe your question…more to follow!

Once you know yourself and what leadership styles are open to you – dependant on the situation – you can start to establish the competencies which will allow you to grow as a leader.


There are many, as well as living by the company values; here is a starter for consideration:

• Leadership Definitions and Styles
• Values, what are they, how do I live by them?
• Behaviours that are expected
• Role modelling
• Individual and team Resilience
• Unconscious bias – Inclusion – Diversity
• Delivering and receiving feedback


This list can expand, but hopefully you will start to feel that there is a lot to consider when taking on leadership. That said, get it right and the experience is like no other! For example:

A sense of belonging, camaraderie, and joint commitment, that level of respect for the right reasons – “you made me feel like I wanted to be here, I wanted to be part of this” are the kind of words that set you apart from the rest.


You have the duty to develop your team. Do it the right way and when you say “Move Now” they will follow you wherever you go.

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