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What we can do for you

We help individuals and teams build their way to excellence across 4 different areas:

Individual Excellence

We empower individuals by making them recognise and develop their unique leadership qualities and skill sets.

With over 180 years of career progression experience, transiting from Graduate to CEO we understand what it takes to pursue excellence.

How much time have you invested in YOU? What does the next step look like on your career path?

At CCL we invest in YOU. Only you will understand what success looks like and what training you require to compete with the best.

We work with the organisational L&D and HR specialists and design a path of excellence that upskills YOU, so you’re ready for the next challenge.

Our virtual and/or face to face workshops are engaging, understanding and leave you a sense of inspiration ready to take on the next chapter.

Let us help, support and guide you towards your goals.

Team Excellence

We create a culture of trust, respect and rapport within team members.
We stimulate motivation, bring about a sense of belonging and establish a clear purpose for each and every employee.

The CCL team have built, guided and sustained team excellence in many complex challenging environments.
From the board of the corporate world to leading soldiers and officers in combat, CCL have built a world leading team and a methodology that works.


CCL believe that trust cannot be built over night, and that a high performing team cannot be such without setting the right culture.
We work with teams over a 3-stage process, which allows the CCL methodology to be embedded for the long term.

CCL set the right culture by using this simple equation:

(Values + Behaviours) x Consistency = Culture

CCL have the programme designed for the virtual and face to face environments.

Organisational Excellence

Strategic coaching, tailor-made to your company, identifies problems, defines actions,
and draws up a workable roadmap to organizational growth.

Organisational dynamics can be complex and the ability to read them, navigate through them and orchestrate the different parts of a system
is a fundamental skill that can be trained and improved. The outstanding on-the-field experience of CCL coaches helps you pursue a culture
of excellence for your organisation. The result? A reliable methodology to inspire and lead an organisation to reach shared goals.


Listening to key organisational players and understanding the many nuances of a complex organisational setup is at the core of our programme:
by actively listening, we create a solid understanding of crucial issues that may exist in your organisation.
This allows a full alignment of agreed goals with the strategic objectives and values.


At CCL we believe that authenticity, honesty and integrity are fundamental to the coaching relationships. We maintain integrity to the coachee
and align the right coach for the personality of the individual. Our unique coaching methodology ensures we focus on both your professional
and personal goals. Do you see the win-win, too? When the coachee is growing personally, the organisation will see the benefits.

Workplace Excellence

Our unique five-stage framework creates a harmonious,
motivated workplace environment where the common goal is greatness.

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Now more than ever, companies must provide outstanding services and demonstrable excellence in everything they do.
Are you ready to take yours to the next level?

Contact us for a consultation – we would be happy to help you discover how your employee performance
and well-being can transition from good to excellent with Coaching Centred Leadership.

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