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Ian Milton

Position: CEO

Ian spent the first 24 years of his chosen path in the British Army. His military background provided the foundation for his expertise in professional training: from the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, to being a specialist advisor to UK Special Forces and leading teams on operations around the world. Ian started his military career as a non-commissioned officer, and after 16 years he achieved an officer commission.

Ian has been a leadership consultant working across many sectors for the last 5 years. He is a seasoned keynote speaker and continues to share his experience with key learnings taken directly into the business landscape. Ian believes that relationships are at the heart of everything, and that everyone has a story – the key is listening and being supportive, whilst having an eye on the strategic drivers.

Ian has delivered leadership programmes and built high performing teams across the globe. No matter what medium of delivery, Ian has the ability to engage, connect and ensure sustainability. 

Ian is the Founder of CCL and remains committed to his people and clients through mutual trust.