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CCLCases studies Mental well-being concerns during the pandemic

Mental well-being concerns during the pandemic

A prospective client in the financial services sector reached out to CCL with concerns about the Mental Wellbeing of its employees during the pandemic.

The client was seeking help on how to develop a visible and immediate show of support. In response, CCL designed a 2-hour workshop, which was delivered virtually to employees over a 6-week period.We mixed the attendance in the sessions, so that the most senior leaders took part in sessions with employees with less seniority and experience in the business. This had an immediate positive effect: the sessions focused on how to maintain a work/life balance whilst working remotely. At every level of the organisation, we were able to build understanding around the individual challenges employees met in balancing their work and personal commitments, such as:

  • sharing child-care responsibility between partners
  • single parents trying to cope with the children and work
  • uncomfortable working conditions
  • loneliness and isolation from living by themselves, etc

The sessions allowed each employee to help, support and understand each other whilst looking through the lens of the other person. The result of the workshop was a visibly more supportive and positive organisation, measured by a marked increase in employee retention.