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CCLCases studies Investing in future leaders

Investing in future leaders

A client in the financial sector wanted to invest in their employees’ talents and the future of the business.

They realised that, in a highly competitive market, retaining top talent was key to success, as was engaging that talent in the development of business opportunities.

CCL built a 6-month programme during which 90+ talented, cross-functional, geographically dispersed personnel were identified to participate and disseminate learnings through to their teams. The 90 staff were split into cohorts who attended facilitated workshops to discuss business strategy and identify what they could do individually to build a stronger future for the business

Two 1-day workshops were designed, with a gap between each. The purpose of each workshop was to give individuals the opportunity to present on the achievements they had led in their areas, and the resulting impact on the success of the business.  The workshops offered a platform to illustrate ambition and success that the individual had enabled, thus sharing ideas and techniques across the organisation. 

Each delegate experienced empowerment through this opportunity to share with colleagues what they had done, and could continue to do to help the organisation grow and develop. Senior leaders, through listening to the junior members of staff, realised that they didn’t have all the answers.  This reinforced the belief that junior talents within the organisation were key to shaping the future. 

Due to the success of this training experience, the organisation has agreed to offer a similar programme every other year for newly recognised talent. Those who attended the previous session will be guest speakers.